Using Medical Insurance?

If you are trying to use your medical insurance please call your  insurance company to verify your chiropractic benefits to help you understand your financial responsibilities. Ask your insurance if you have your most current insurance card and bring any primary any secondary insurance card that you may be trying to use. If a co-pay is due and if not paid at the time of visit a $20 fee would be accessed.

Involved in a Car Accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident whether it was your fault or not, you need to call and report the accident to YOUR AUTO INSURANCE COMPANY “NOT” THE INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE OTHER DRIVER. Your auto insurance adjustor will give you a CLAIM NUMBER. Bring that CLAIM NUMBER to your new patient appointment along with the adjustor’s name, phone number, fax number & email address in order for our office to correctly submit your medical bills.

Dealing with Some Form of Trauma?

Sometimes, and I think oftentimes, trauma can be a very difficult to  talk about or deal with. The holistic chiropractic care that Dr. Bob practices honors your emotional, physical, chemical and spiritual boundaries. What is discussed or shared during a treatment session is professionally and confidentially maintained. Dr. Bob with his very compassionate  nature will support you in any aspect of your recovery. A re-integration, a healing of physical and emotional harmony can be re-created. I look forward in meeting you and honoring all that you are if you choose to work together. I cordially welcome you to my practice.

Being a New Cash-Paying Patient?

Paying by check, cash, HSA or debit card will help you avoid any bank transaction fees.

Injured While at Work?

If you have been injured while at work, and if you are trying to use your worker’s compensation benefits, please bring with you the required documents, signatures, phone numbers and primary contact that our office would need to communicate with regarding payment for rendered chiropractic services.

Making a New Patient Appointment Outside of Regular Business Hours?

If you are scheduling a new patient appointment outside of regular business hours, a credit card would be required to reserve your new patient appointment unless other arrangements have been made with Dr. Bob. Your credit card would not be charged unless you didn’t show up for your appointment.