Which Auto Insurance Company Do You Call If You Are Involved In A Car Accident?

Utah State Law requires you to contact “your” auto insurance company whether you are at-fault for the car accident, or if another person is responsible for the car accident.

How Will You Know If You Are Injured In A Car Accident?

You may feel pain, burning pain, stabbing pain, radiating pain immediately following your car accident. And then you may not feel pain or headaches right away because of the trauma and adrenaline-rush that is related to you accident. Sometimes people will feel symptoms one, two or three weeks after their accident. Even then call your insurance to report your accident.

Which Auto Insurance Company Would You Call If You are A Passenger In A Car and Injured?

You would need to call the insurance company of the insured of the car that you were in when the accident occurred. This may mean the insurance company of the driver, or it may mean the insurance company of the parent of the driver.

When Should You Contact Your Auto Insurance Company?

It is best to contact your auto insurance company as soon as you can after your car accident. That phone number is on your auto insurance card. The adjustor for your insurance company will ask you a few questions about your accident like when did the car accident happen; how did the car accident happen; were there other people in the car at the time of the car accident; did the police or Utah Highway Patrol come to the scene of your car accident; were any citations given by the police or Highway Patrol; did you need any emergency care after your accident?

If You Have A Car Accident What Information Do You Need To Collect From The Other Driver(s)?

Gather all the insurance of “all” the drivers involved in your car accident; it may be one, two, three people; names, addresses, auto insurance policy information. Were there any witnesses to your car accident?

Do You Want To Ask For An Auto Accident Report?

Yes; because the car accident report will describe how the car accident occurred, and most importantly tell who was at fault for the car accident. This will help you later in the investigation of the car accident as related to the involved auto insurance company/s. It usually takes about ten days to receive an accident report.

Should I Wait For the Police Officer or the Utah Highway Patrol to Arrive to Issue A Citation after My Car Accident?

Yes; it is very important to do so particularly if the other driver is at fault. This will help you greatly in the settling of your case, and help your attorney in collecting compensation for the “pain and suffering” that you incur from your car accident.

Ought I Find A Personal Injury Attorney Myself or Ought I Let My Doctor Help Me Find An Attorney?

Dr. Bob has twenty years experience in helping patients in car accidents. He can recommend the best personal injury attorney for your case.

Why Is It Best to Call Dr. Bob at Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness After Your Car Accident?

Because you want a chiropractic physician who understands how the chiropractic and medical system works when you are involved in a car accident. There are ways of going about your chiropractic care, medical care and various types of imaging and their related costs. If you do what is not needed your auto insurance or the opposing auto insurance may not pay for what you think is necessary. And it will wind up being at your cost, which you want to avoid.

Will You Receive An Auto Accident Report At The time Of The Car Accident?

No; oftentimes it may take up to 10 days to receive a car accident report. And after 10 days it is good for you to get a copy of your car accident report.

When Ought You Receive Chiropractic or Medical Care Following Your Accident?

Depending on the type of accident please seek medical or chiropractic care as soon as possible. The sooner you begin to receive the correct chiropractic or medical care, the sooner you will get back to how you were before your accident. If you receive no chiropractic or medical care, then your injuries have a cumulative effect on your body over your years of life.