Chiropractor - Dr. Bob SeilerDr. Bob Seiler, a chiropractic physician, Doctor of Chiropractic, DC, in Salt Lake City, has attended a rigorous, four-year intensive chiropractic college consisting of extensive science courses along with intensive studying in learning how to increase the senses and touch of his hands, so that his hands can intuitively and holistically learn to assist the body’s natural & innate healing functions, capabilities for  children, teenagers, and adults. There is more to healing than repetitive chiropractic adjustments.

As a professional SLC chiropractor, Dr. Bob uses his 20 years of experience to locate where energy is blocked within the body. Oxidative stresses also called free radicals are always being created from physical stresses (constant gravitational forces), chemical stresses (food that people eat) and emotional stresses (from relationships, financial pressures, job stresses) which are mechanisms that can manifest within the body as pain, injury, illness, and/or disease. It’s recognizing, sensing and touching these stressed systems in one’s body & mind to optimize so that health can be welcomed.

Of the many chiropractic physicians in Salt Lake City, in our country and around the world, Dr. Bob’s diverse training, education, “hands-on” experience and non-traditional healing philosophies are different and unique to healing. Come and experience for yourself natural holistic chiropractic! You can call our office at 801.230.0166 to schedule a new patient appointment. We do look forward in helping you!