Chiropractor - Dr. Bob SeilerDr. Seiler’s training and extensive education as a chiropractor uses the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic to gently and holistically assist the body’s natural & innate healing functions, capabilities and processes for children, teenagers, and adults; and a lot of it has to do with understanding what’s going-on within you, the patient. Dr. Bob incorporates a body-mind-spirit approach towards health and well-being, but there is more to relieving someone’s pain and to support their inner healing than repetitive chiropractic adjustments.

As a holistic chiropractor Dr. Bob uses his 20 years of experience to locate nerve interference and energy blockages that exist within the body. Oxidative stresses in a person’s life which comes from physical stresses (constant gravitational forces), chemical stresses (food that people eat) and emotional stresses (from relationships, financial pressures, job stresses) are mechanisms that can manifest in a person’s body as pain, injury, illness, and/or disease. It’s improving, changing and balancing those stressed systems in one’s body & mind to optimize their health, well-being and longevity.

Of the many chiropractors in Salt Lake City, in our country and around the world, Dr. Bob’s diverse training, education, hands on experience and non-traditional healing philosophies are different and unique to healing. Come and experience for yourself natural holistic chiropractic! You can call our office at 801.230.0166 or schedule an appointment on-line at the top right of this page. We look forward in helping you!