Office of SLC Chiropractor Dr. Bob SeilerHolistic Chiropractic & Wellness and Dr. Bob Seiler, a holistic chiropractor in Salt Lake City, Utah provides different and unique methods of gentle,  soothing and non-invasive chiropractic therapies. Dr. Bob employs a Body-Mind Healing with a holistic approach which utilizes the LiteCure Deep Tissue Thermal Laser Therapy, the Kennedy Spinal Decompression, soothing Percussive Therapies, Shiatsu/Accupressure Energy Therapy, Holistic Nutrition.  For over 20 years, Dr. Seiler has helped thousands of people experience pain relief and enjoy a new and better quality of life than ever before.

The LiteCure Thermal Laser Therapy has a soothing warm feeling which is painless and can relieve your pain instantaneously. Thermal laser therapy lessens swelling, inflammation, pain and bruising in-the-moment. Thermal Laser Therapy reduces free radical cell proliferation which decreases pain, inflammation, swelling, enhances well-being and longevity and affects the DNA and RNA synthesis of your body’s cells by using photonic beams of light.

Spinal Decompression, Traction, Distraction is a gentle, non-invasive and non-surgical therapy to help alleviate back, leg, disc pain, sciatica, stenosis. It also helps to relieve headaches, neck, shoulder, arm pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.Our downtown holistic chiropractic clinic focuses on a holistic approach of relieving pain not based upon unnecessary, repetitive office visits.

Additional techniques used are intersegmental traction with heat/ice, craniosacral therapy, breathwork, postural awareness and structural re-patterning. Natural and holistic healing is a process and involves making a commitment to your health & well-being. Sorry, but there aren’t any “quick-fixes”. The longer one thinks that their pain will go away will only be faced with increased medical bills, hospitalization and health concerns.