Holistic Chiropractic & Auto Accidents

The sooner you begin your holistic chiropractic following your accident, the more you can heal! If you wait too long to begin your treatment following your accident “neuroplasticity of your joints” begins to develop increased stiffness, and lose their ability to get back to pre-injury status.

Things to Know If You Get Involved in a Car Accident:

  1. Always call a police office after your car accident so that the police can document your accident. 
  2. Sometimes police officers are very busy with other responsibilities in your community. You may need to wait  for an officer to arrive at your accident. 
  3. After your car accident occurs see if you can notice any witnesses to attest to what happened. Ask them for their name, address and phone number.  
  4. If you have significant injury you may want to go to a hospital’s ER; if your not too sure about going to a hospital you may call our office @ 801.230.0166 to be examined.   
  5. SLC Chiropractor Dr. Bob OfficeAt Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness Dr. Bob not only treats your pain & injuries, but also addresses the physiological, chemical or emotional aspects of your injuries.  
  6. In Utah whether you are at-fault or not your auto insurance covers your medical/chiropractic care up to $3,000. If your case requires additional medical/chiropractic care Dr. Bob can refer to you the best personal injury attorney for the type of accident.   
  7. Life can be very stressful. If you want to do what you need & what you like it’s important to support your body & mind. With minimal on-going support you may experience the “crash” sooner than you think.