Office of SLC Chiropractor Dr. Bob Seiler

  1. Our clinic accepts most bank cards, HSA’s, auto-deposits, cash, check, venmo, most auto insurances & some commercial plans of Regence, Aetna, Univ of Utah, IHC, PEHP and Tri-West (for our Veterans). If you know a Veteran interested in Dr. Bob’s holistic chiropractic have that Veteran call their VA Hospital for a holistic chiropractic referral. Payment plans can be arranged for more extensive treatment programs.
  2. Please call your insurance to confirm your insurance plan and see if Dr. Bob is a provider for your plan, and to confirm your chiropractic coverage, even if you think you already know.  
  3. Dr. Bob offers morning, afternoon & evening appointments, and some Saturdays by appointment only.  

*Trying to Use Your Medical Insurance:

If you are trying to use your insurance, please bring your “current” insurance card, and the card of the “insured”, or any secondary insurance information.

You may even want to go on-line to view your current chiropractic benefits. Check to see if you have a deductible to be met, how many visits you have remaining and what is your co-pay or co-insurance, and see if there is an “authorization” is needed for you to receive our holistic chiropractic care.

* Trying to Use Your Auto Insurance:

 As soon as possible after your accident, call “your” auto insurance company; not the insurance company of the driver that you think may be of the at-fault. Your insurance adjustor will give you a “claim number”. Ask for your adjustor’s phone & fax number, physical address & email address.  Once you have a claim number you can call Dr. Bob @ 801.230.0166 to schedule a new patient appointment.

If you are involved in a car accident you would “not” need to pay anything at the time of your visit if you have the claim # that your adjustor of your insurance company gives you, unless you have a deductible with your auto insurance plan.

If your accident requires legal assistance, Dr. Bob can recommend a reliable, personal injury attorney that he has many years experience working with. *Sometimes contacting an attorney that advertizes on TV, may not be the best solution for your type of accident. 




Office of SLC Chiropractor Dr. Bob Seiler