Have you ever been involved in a car accident?  You, your loved ones and your car suddenly get struck by another vehicle. It’s a pretty stressful situation.

Then following your trauma and stress you get invaded by auto insurance companies pretending to help you, where their only intention is to reduce their costs. It’s a nasty business.

Auto insurance companies make huge amounts of money by paying-out less than what they receive. Our office most of the time finds the insureds being intimidated by the adjustors who work for their insurance company. It’s almost like your insurance company doesn’t want you to use the auto insurance that you pay for.

It’s an extremely difficult task to take on insurance companies on your own. Trust me. You will need a expert team of professionals on your side – reliable physicians, an experienced chiropractic physician and an experienced and fair attorney to help guide you through the chaos and stress following your accident and injuries. When the auto insurance companies call you the day after your accident they record the answers to their prescribed questions. The adjustors who make those initial phone calls may appear to be concerned for your well being, but later in your case auto insurance companies can use what they record against you.

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