Dr. Bob’s philosophy in Holistic Wellbeing, Subtle Energy Medicine & Wellness is that there are subtle energies within and around your body, mind & spirit, which can be nurtured, balanced, listened to, and supported.

These subtle energies of body, mind & spirit are all interconnected with your being and quantum energies, which become “entangled” over a lifetime of physical, emotional, chemical, genetic, and epi-genetic events.   

This Journey from through Inflammation to Wellness is a Process. It’s more than one treatment, because you can’t remedy a lifetime of “dis-ease” in one session. 

Each of us understands our aches, pain, illness or dis-ease in different ways. We may not know why such events happen in ourlives, but it’s all in the hands of nature~   

Dr. Bob would like to give you options in how you and he can work together in creating a journey of Wellness for you. We cud begin working with shorter sessions, and if that isn’t working then we can up-grade in elongating our sessions.

The amount of time that you and Dr. Bob spend in your initial session if you are paying out-of-pocket is $45 per 15 minutes.   

*Before selecting a package, so that Dr. Bob can understand how he can best help you, kindly complete the New Patient forms in the above tab For New Patients. Then bring these in-take forms to your new patient appointment.  

After your initial consultation and examination, there will be a holistic treatment designed for You.   

If you don’t have insurance , or wud prefer paying by bank card or HSA our clinic offers different packages for you to choose from. Special prices can be arranged for multiple treatments.  

The type of comprehensive consultation, in-take, holistic evaluation & assessment and treatment will usually be about 90 minutes, more or less depending on what you share in your initial new patient in-take forms, and how Dr. Bob understands what wud holistically benefit you the most.  

There wud be no discounts if you are choosing to use insurance.

Hopefully, these options  wud help you begin your journey into your healing. 

  1. Our Basic Package, where Dr. Bob wud spend have 30 minutes ($90) with you consisting of brief check-in with palpation of primary body region of pain with 10 minutes laying on your back on our intersegmental traction / roller table simultaneously with 10 minutes of our amethyst crystal, photonic, infra-red heating pad, (which patients love), followed by the most effective spinal chiropractic adjustments for your condition. Dr. Bob works gently with all manual or neuro-mechanical adjustments. 
  2. Our Premium Package, receiving 45 minutes ($135) of time with Dr. Bob. You wud have a check-in with primary body region palpation. Dr. Bob will check your zinc, calcium, adrenal levels, thyroid levels through Standard Process protocols, and access your nutritional, stress, toxicity & energy levels. You wud receive percussive massage to your legs, ankles, feet, shoulders & arms while on our intersegmental traction therapy with 10 minutes of our amethyst crystal, photonic, infra-red, heating pad. You wud also receive a 10 minute BioCharger (frequency energy therapy) session. Recipes are pre-designed sound, light and electromagnetic frequencies created for your condition/s through optimal vibrational frequencies. Our BioCharger has over a 1,000 wellbeing recipes (see above BioCharger you-tube); followed by the most effective adjustments for your condition, including low back & leg manual therapy, if applicable, you’ll also receive a 12 ounce, BioCharged, oxygenated bottle of water, which has three days of BioCharged, oxygenated energy. 
  3. Our Platinum Package is the same as our Premium Package, but extended an extra 15 minutes, to a one hour, 60 minute ($180) session / treatment time.
  4. Our Optimal Package: 90 minute session ($270). You wud complete a Standard Process System Survey at the time of your visit, which accesses all eight of your organ systems, which Dr. Bob wud review, and at your following visit offer you optimal, wholefood, nutritive recommendations, which may include Purification/ Detoxification program support; followed by a 10 minute intersegmental traction therapy with  amethyst crystal, photonic, infra-red, heated & percussive massage therapies to your upper & lower extremities; with a BioCharger recipe, and with a BioCharged 12 ounce bottle of water; with body-mind processwork; with chiropractic adjustments for your  shoulders, elbows, fingers, knees, ankles & toes.  
  5. Other timed-packages of any time length can be designed by Dr. Bob to fit your specific needs. 
  6. BioCharger individual, or in group settings with your friends can be arranged. You can sit around the BioCharger with a few friends and share the benefits of the BioCharger while having similar health concerns.   
  7. Individual process body-mind sessions can be designed & arranged. 
  8. Pricing for multiple sessions can be arranged.