Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness’ fees are based upon the length of treatment time needed to help you, the type/s of holistic therapy/s rendered which is dependent upon the simplicity/complexity of your health concerns:

  • A typical new patient appointment / treatment session which includes new patient in-take forms, holistic new patient consultation with physical examination, multiple holistic therapies and non-force chiropractic adjustments, and if needed or requested extremity adjustments for toes, ankles, knees, or shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers are usually from $155 for 60 minutes and are pro-rated at $40 per 15 minutes for more or less time needed; 45 minutes being about $115. Co-pays, co-insurances, deductibles would apply if you have  medical insurance; a claim number from your auto insurance would be needed if you were involved in a car accident. Our services are not a “quick-in & quick-out” type of clinic. State-of-the-art therapies and quality time will be spent with you.
  • Follow-up sessions can be from 30-40-60-75 minutes and are based upon what Dr. Bob thinks and feels will help you. Dr. Bob’s holistic chiropractic philosophy is that he regards the physical, emotional and spiritual boundaries and dimensions of your being, which means that he will use more awareness and mindfulness with his treatment sessions than most other  chiropractic physicians.
  • Our office has state-of-the-art technologies with deep tissue laser therapy, neck and low back spinal decompression which includes, gentle, percussive therapies with breath-work, processwork & chiropractic techniques to support a holistic lifestyle to improve your overall well-being. You may bring  any recent lab work and imaging (within 9 months) which can help Dr. Bob better understand your condition.
  • Holistic chiropractic treatments are available on weekends & holidays and outside of normal business reserved with a credit card with a nominal fee. This helps our office avoid any “no-show” appointments which sometimes occur, unless other arrangements have been made with Dr. Bob.
  • Intensive treatments 2-3 times per week over the course of 3-6-9 months can be arranged if Dr. Bob feels that such therapeutic interventions can benefit you; an initial new patient consultation would be needed. A new patient consultation can be scheduled with Dr. Bob by phone at 801.230.0166 or his email at drbob226@gmail.com.  Extensive treatment sessions allow the patient-doctor relationship to develop to a deeper level of understanding and allowing more depth for exploration with issues around Pain, Anxiety, Trauma, Injury.