Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness’ fees are based upon the length of treatment time needed to help you, the type/s of holistic therapy/s rendered due to the simplicity/complexity of your health concerns:

  • A typical new patient appointment / treatment session with consultation, in-take, physical examination, multiple therapies, with full spine and extremity adjustments is about $155.00 per hour, $115 for 45 minutes and would be pro-rated when longer or shorter than to one hour, which would be based upon Dr. Bob’s recommendations and how much time/finances that you would like to invest in your physical, chemical, emotional, spiritual well-being.
  • A subsequent treatment session could be 20-30-45-60-75 minutes or longer depending on what Dr. Bob recommends for you, and how much time/finances that you would like to devote to your well-being. Having this approach would be asking you to realistically participate in choices for your well-being. Dr. Bob’s chiropractic philosophy is that he regards the physical, emotional & spiritual boundaries of your being, which means that he use less invasive therapies in his holistic chiropractic approach.
  • Our office has state-of-the-art technology with deep tissue laser therapy, spinal decompression, diverse, gentle, percussive therapies & chiropractic techniques with holistic lifestyle recommendations to improve your overall health. You may bring  any recent lab work and imaging (within 9 months) which can help Dr. Bob decide the best treatment path for you. Our practice is not a “run-in & run-out” type of clinic; quality time will be spent with you.
  • Holistic treatments are available on weekends & holidays, or times outside of normal business with a nominal fee. Outside of normal business hours you can reserve your new patient appointment with a credit card as you would reserve a hotel room. This helps our office to lessen “no-show” appointments, unless other arrangements have been made with Dr. Bob.
  • Intensive treatments for extended periods of time can be arranged and pre-scheduled with Dr. Bob depending on what we are trying to work on.