Chiropractor - Dr. Bob SeilerDr. Bob, a holistic chiropractic physician in Salt Lake City, Utah, was raised in the New Jersey and New York City metropolitan regions. He’s lived in the Bay Area for some 15 years before relocating to Salt Lake City 18 years ago. He has no religious affiliations, but is deeply spiritual which is expressed through his love of nature, music and the pleasure in enjoying international cuisine, fine wine, single malt scotch, playing golf in Scotland and riding his Ducati motorcycle to the Oregon coast, south Lake Tahoe, and over the Golden Gate & Bay Bridges in San Francisco.

He loves the “Sundance Film Festival” where each year he spends too much time purchasing & exchanging Sundance tickets at Trolley Square :). This past 2017 festival he saw 12 films. He totally appreciates the extraordinary efforts that the Sundance directors and producers bring to the screen with their amazing  expression of art, creativity and dealing with human relationships and real world  issues. Some favorite films seen two years ago were: LADY MACBETH, AXOLOTI OVERKILL, L.A. TIMES, MY HAPPY FAMILY (which wasn’t very happy), SIDNEY HALL, AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL (vice-president Al Gore’s film on our environmental climate who was at the Q&A), LANDLINE, LAST MEN IN ALEPPO, CALL ME BY YOUR NAME,  AND JOSHUA: TEENAGER VS SUPERPOWER! (and the two leading teenage actors flew in from Hong Kong and were body-guarded to be at the Q&A)!

Dr. Bob enjoys all kinds of music folk, rock, classical, opera, ballet. He’s been playing and studying the classical guitar for some 14 years, and gets his nightly fix of Golf Channel, TNT, CNN & MSNBC.

Dr. Bob devotes lots of time to his personal and professional development attending various seminars, workshops around the country and overseas. He’s a long term student of Process Work Psychology out of Portland, Oregon, and he has a daughter in the diplomate psychology program at the Process Work Institute.

If you’re frustrated from not feeling well, and maybe you’ve tried most western medicine approaches, or maybe you haven’t found the right physician to help you, give Dr. Bob a call and see what its like! call us and experience our holistic chiropractic! You can schedule a new patient appointment by calling 801-230-0166, or leave a confidential voice message for Dr. Bob, or you can send a confidential email to