Month: April 2015

For Business Owners in Salt Lake City in Reducing Medical Costs

~  Would your Human Resource Department know how much your company pays for your employees medical insurance per month / per year?

~ Would your Human Resource Company know how much it costs your company when an employee is out of work from back pain for one day?

~ Would your company be interested in receiving at a nominal fee holistic chiropractic lifestyle presentation given by Dr. Bob Seiler, a licensed, salt lake city, holistic chiropractor? Following this holistic lifestyle presentation there would be a Q&A for your employees to ask relevant health questions which could help your company save money and increase their productivity.

~ These days medical insurances are always raising their rates costing you more money – maybe its time for employers and employees to take more responsibility for their own health & well-being.

~ Continuing to pay medical insurance companies for your employees “pain care”, “crisis care”, “sickness & illness care” continue the habit and pattern of staying sick or being in pain. Why not try something novel like taking car of the human body so that it doesn’t become sick or painful? What’s involved in not becoming ill, pain diseased?

~ Dr. Bob Seiler, a chiropractor in Salt Lake City will present to your staff and company the state-of-the-art in healing to help reduce the pain, injury, illness, disease for the people who work for your company.

~ Dr. Bob Seiler, a holistic chiropractor in Salt Lake City can help educate your staff on how they can take better care of themselves in order to reduce your medical insurance dependencies.

~ Please call  801.230.0166, or leave a confidential message and Dr. Bob Seiler, a holistic chiropractor in Salt Lake City, Utah, to schedule your holistic chiropractic consultation; or send an email to

To Your Health & Well-Being,

Dr. Bob Seiler – a Salt Lake City licensed holistic chiropractor residing in Salt Lake City, Utah.




Chiropractor, Salt Lake City, Utah – Lecture Series

Topics: All Potlucks & Lectures on Thursday Evenings – Pot Luck @ 6 pm – Lecture @ 6:15 to 7:45 pm – Free

Week 1: 2-19-14 – How Carbohydrates Destroy Your Brain & Body

Week 2: 2-26-14 – Benefits of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy – Increased Oxygenation & Increased Energy for Your Body – Prolonging Your Life

Week 3: 3-6-14 – How Posture Affects Your Function – High School Contact Sports: Wrestling, Football, Gymnastics – How Can these Sports Adversely Affect Your Spine

Week 4: 3-13-14 – The Benefits of the Chiropractic Adjustment – Best Age to Begin Chiropractic Care

Week 5: 3-20-14 – Lifestyle Options for Managing Low Back Pain: Benefits of Traction & Decompression, LiteCure Deep Tissue Laser, Mechanical Percussion, Ergonomics, Food

Week 6: 3-27-14 – Holistic Chiropractic Lifestyle Interventions for Alzheimer’s, Obesity, Diabetes, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches – How Damaging are Carbohydrates & Sugar for Your Body

Week 7: 4-3-14 – What are the Benefits of Phyto-Nutrients? of Reservatrol? of Pinot Noir wine?

Week 8: 4-10-14 – What To Do if Your Involved in a Car Accident in Salt Lake City, Utah – When to Have an Attorney – Dr. Bob of Holistic Chiropractic Can Help You find the Right Attorney for You

Week 9: 4-17-14 – Our Master’s Champion’s Dinner – The Affects of Torque on the Golf Swing – Master’s Highlites


Class Handouts Beginning Thursday evening February 20th:

Omega-3 Fats and Your Health, Symptoms of Acidosis, Who Should Take Cod Liver Oil, Saliva pH Test,

Books: 1). Eat Fat, Lose Fat,

2). The Acid Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health-Restore Your Health by Creating pH Balance in Your Diet

3). The Omega-3 Connection by Dr. Andrew Stohl

4). The Paleo Diet by Lauren Cordain

* Books can be purchased on about $8 each

Class Hand-Outs: PaleoMeal, PaleoGreens, PaleoReds Powder

Our Champions Dinner: The Masters Golf Championship – A Tradition Like No Other


Local Community Resources:

SLC Downtown – is within 5 minutes of Dr. Bob’s Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness offcie

News Fox 13 Now – is a local news company here in Salt Lake City, Utah

Buy Local First

Whole Foods – has great natural and organic foods

Kirkham’s – Outdoor Products – has great outdoor products

– Myotherapy Institute of Massage – is one of the best massage therapy schools in Salt Lake City

Massage Therapy Programs therapeutic massage can help the body feel better

Utah Pride Center – Holistic CHiropractic & Wellness supports the Utah Pride Center

Salt Lake City ~ Holistic Chiropractic Lifestyle Wellness Programs & Education

Chiropractic Resources:

Dynamic Chiropractic – Everything you want to know about chiropractic and wellness. The perfect starting point for chiropractic patients and consumers.

Life West Chiropractic College – is the chiropractic college that Dr. Bob Seiler attended in the SF Bay Area

Neuromechanical Innovations – is a type of chiropractic technique where no osseous adjusting is heard; there is “no-popping sound”

Welcome to Nordic Naturals – is the best manufacturer of Omega-3 fish oils in the world

Standard Process, Inc. – is the best nutritional supplement company in the world

Home Metagenics Genetic Potential Through Nutrition – is an excellent professional and nutritional product manufacturer

Foot Levelers, Inc. – is the best manufacturer of custom-made orthotics

the Super NanoGreens10, NanoProPRP, & NanOmegaPro Supplements

Metametrix Clinical Laboratory

ZRT Laboratory – Hormone Test, Vitamin D Test

National / International Resources:

Shambhala Mountain Center – An Environment Where Habitual Patterns of Body~Mind~ Spirit Can Undergo Change

Shambhala Community

Sonoma Mountain Zen Center

San Francisco Zen Center

Green Gulch Farm

Meditation Center

Karme Choling – Shambhala Meditation Center

Try or your community bookstore:

Abramson – Overdosed America

Adams – Natural Health Solutions

Allport – The Queen of Fats

Amen – Change Your Brain

Amen – Making A Good Brain Great

Angell – Truth About The Drug Companies

Appleton – Rethink Pasteur’s Germ Theory

Avorn – Powerful Medicines

Baker – The Body Toxic

Barnard – Foods That Fight Pain

Barry – The Great Influenza

Blaylock – Excitotoxins

Blaylock – Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients

Blaylock – Health & Nutrition Secrets

Braly – Dangerous Grains

Braly – Hidden Food Allergies

Braly – The H Factor

Calder – Nutrition & Immune System

Campbell – The China Study

Carlo – Cell Phones

Carper – Miracle Cures

Carper – Your Miracle Brain

Carroll – Lab 257

Cave – What Your Doctor May Not Tell You

Chilton – Inflammation Nation

Cohen – Overdose

Colbert – Seven Pillars Of Health

Colborn – Our Stolen Future

Cooper – Antioxidant Revolution

Cordain – Paleo Diet

Crayhon – Nutrition Made Simple

Critser – Fat Land

Critser – Generation Rx

Deyo – Hope or Hype

Ellison – Health Myths Exposed

Erasmus – Fats That Heal-Fats That Kill

Farkas – DNA A-Z

Fuller – Healing Power Of Enzymes

Gertz – Neurology Made Easy & Understandable

Glemullen – Prozac Backlash

Graveline – Statin Drugs Side Effects

Greider – Big Fix

Gutman – GSH

Healy – Endangered Minds

Healy – Failure To Connect

Hyman – Ultra-Prevention

Kassner – On The Take

Katz – Keep Your Brain Alive

Kelley – One Answer To Cancer

Kolata – Flu

Kremer – Medicinal Fatty Acids in Inflammation

Maroon – Fish Oil: Natural Anti-Inflammation

Mead – Slim, Sane & Sexy

Midkoff – Meat You Eat

Moynihan – Selling Sickness

Murphree – Treating & Beating Fibromyalgia

Newmark – Beyond Aspirin

Oshman – Energy Medicine

Packer – Antioxidant Miracle

Peet – Phospholipid Spectrum Disorder In Psychiatry & Neurology

Perlmutter – The Better Brain Book

Perlmutter – BrainRecovery.Com

Perlmutter – Raise A Smarter Child By Kinder

Pert – Everything You Need to Know To Feel Good

Pert – Molecules of Emotion

Pollan – In Defense Of Food

Pontinen – Low Level Laser Therapy

Rabin – Stress, Immune Function & Health

Richards – Fight For Your Health

Richards – The Leptin Diet

Rogers – Detoxify Or Die

Rogers – High Blood Pressure Hoax

Rogers – Pain Free In 6 Weeks

Ruebush – Why Dirt Is Good

Schaefer – Mind Over Matter

Schlosser – Fast Food Nation

Schmidt – Brain Building Nutrition

Schwartz-Nobe: Poisoned Nation

Schwarzbein – The Schwarzbien Principle

Schetter – Generations At Risk

Seaman – Clinical Nutrition

Sears: Anti-Inflammation Zone

Sears – Omega Rx Zone

Shaw – Trans Fats

Simontacchi – Crazy Makers

Skinner – Brain Lipids

Sompayrac – How The Immune System Works

Stoll – Omega 3 Connection

Stordy – LCP Solution

Strand – Death By Prescription

Strand – What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine, May Be Killing

Tribole – The Ultimate Omega-3 Diet

Tuner – Low Level Laser Therapy

Vanderhaeghe – Healthy Fats For Life

Vasey – The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health

Walsh – Food Allergies

Walters – Six Modern Plagues

Weil – Eating Well For Optimum Health

Willett – Eat, Drink & Be Healthy

Wilson – Adrenal Fatigue