Month: April 2010

Whiplash: Holistic Chiropractor for Kids & Adults

Salt Lake City Holistic Chiropractor for Kids & Adults Involving Whiplash Accidents

Q:  What are some of the benefits of chiropractic care immediately following a whiplash or personal injury?

A: The sustained injury heals sooner if you see a chiropractor immediately after an injury. The integrity of the joint heals more close to its pre-injured position, therefore, kids, teens, adolescents, adults with whiplash or personal injuries have less long term joint damage and degeneration and your child will be able to participate sooner and more competitively in their sport while reducing the likelihood of future surgery. Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Bob Seiler, in Salt Lake City,  immediately after a whiplash will help reduce the long term negative effects of injury. Going to an emergency room, having x-rays, CT scans, receiving some pain medications and being sent home after your told that there’s nothing wrong doesn’t heal your body!

Your Body’s Chemicals & Recovery

Q: What are invasive medical procedures?
A 1 – Being injected with a needle that punctures your skin to draw blood, fluids for lab tests,
A 2 – Receiving a cortisone injection in an attempt to relieve pain temporarily,
A 3 – Having surgery and your body being “cut”,

Q: What are some scientific non-invasive ways to evaluate your chemical levels, neurotransmitter and hormone levels?
A: Through urine and saliva collections which can be very easily be taken in your home.