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Holistic Chiropractic in Salt Lake City

Subtle Energy Therapies & Integrative Bodywork with Alternative Chiropractic for Wellness, Dis-ease, Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Chronic Illness, Trauma from Auto Injury & Life Events

For a Unique Body & Mind Chiropractic Experience

Our Vision: Enhancing your vibrational energy through subtle therapies to support your Wellbeing & to help create energy fields within our environment & universe to support our planet, sustainability & co-existence with nature

In Bruce Lipton's "The Biology of Belief", we are beings of vibrational energy, created from our emotional, biological, physical & epi-genetic environments & experiences - and it's changeable


Whether you or a loved one are experiencing discomfort, pain, uneasiness, anxiety, stress, depression, trauma from an auto injury or life events, chronic illness, or you’re still seeking help for unresolved health concerns, then maybe you’d like to have a wonderful experience with Dr. Bob’s holistic, subtle energy therapies with alternative and integrative options. 

If you’d appreciate quality time being spent with you, being listened to from a holistic perspective, then maybe you’re ready to begin some alternative in your Wellness explorations! 

There’s more about supporting your wellbeing than just receiving a multiple chiropractic adjustments several times a week. But if you wud appreciate and value personable, quality, one-on-one time spent with you or your loved one, then consider Dr. Bob’s holistic chiropractic, subtle energy medicine & wellness. 

What you experience in Dr.Bob’s clinic you probably won’t experience anywhere else.  

Our new BioCharger is a subtle energy revitalization platform having tesla technology, which showers your body & mind with pulsed, photonic waves of light, sound & voltage energies, which supports, invigorates many imbalances and conditions of the body. 

* See our You-Tubed Next Generation, BioCharger in the above tab, Wellness Approach.

If what you have read intrigues you, go to the above tab For New Patients, scroll down to New Patient Forms & select the best link.

See if you feel drawn to the questions being asked.

Afterwards, you may call Dr. Bob @ 801.230.0166 to schedule your new patient experience.

Come to our clinic! Have an open mind! Let’s begin with one treatment-session and see how it feels for you, then we can consider working together for longer periods to optimize your long term Wellness.

Your new patient experience will be about 90 minutes, and will fluctuate in time depending on what Dr. Bob feels to be the holistic, underlying reasons for you to be feeling the way that you do.  

An inspirational read: 

by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. – The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Conscious, Matter & Miracles.

* See our Next Generation, BioCharger in the above tab, Wellness Approach.

*Have a health-related question: ask Dr. Bob at


A holistic & subtle energy understanding of your body, mind & spirit can begin to shift patterns of “stuck, stagnant energy“. Dr. Bob’s gentleness of hands, heart & mind, combined with his ability to tune into the senses of your body, mind, chakras & spirit can begin to create new ways in perceiving your lack of Wellness.  

The vibrational energy of wholefood nutrition & herbs with detoxification / purification programs from Standard Process on their organic farms in Wisconsin can create new “tendencies & possibilities” in your life.

Vibrational energy therapies can make a difference in your life, if you can give it a chance!   

Our Next Generation BioCharger can help support the photonic energies within you. You can click on the above tab Wellness Approach to view the BioCharger NG on You-Tube. Check it out!

NY Times Best Seller:

The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind & Body in the Healing of Trauma, by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.

*Have a health-related question: ask Dr. Bob at   

      THE PROCESSING,                           QUANTUM BODY~MIND

Dr. Bob integrates a multi-disciplinary, subtle energy therapy and medicine approach, which supports the person doing psychotherapy or counseling.

Dr. Bob incorporates a type of listening, which invites you, your body, mind and senses to experience new ways in relating to your not feeling well, which oftentimes, in your mind’s eye is a returning to a favorite place in nature. 

After completing our New Patient Forms at the above tab For New Patients, you are welcome to schedule your new patient experience. It’s approximately 90 minutes, slightly less or more depending on your responses to your new patient paperwork and what Dr. Bob feels will help you.

Together, we can work towards better understanding & lessening your symptoms, pain, lack-of-wellness, or dis-ease and get you feeling better.      

A read for Curious-Quantum Minds: 

The Quantum Mind & Healing: How to Listen & Respond to Your Body’s Symptoms, by Arnold Mindell, Ph.D.

*Have a health-related question: ask Dr. Bob at 

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