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Holistic Chiropractic in Salt Lake City

SLC Chiropractic~Bodywork & Subtle Energy Medicine for Pain, Stress, Trauma, Anxiety, Auto & Sport Injury, Recovery, Performance & Wellness

For a New Patient Experience

Your vibrational energy manifested into our world by our breaths, heartfulness, consciousness, intentions & actions will create an energy field within our universe & environment, which invites~our Essence

Whether you or a loved one are experiencing pain, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma from abusive events in life, recovering from an auto/sport injury, not knowing where to go to be heard or helped, seeking to optimize your athletic performance,  wanting to have a more active life-style with improved movement & flexibility, or to lessen future illness or dis-ease by increasing your vibrational energy now, you may want to consider our unique style of holistic chiropractic & subtle energy medicine. Read our reviews & consider scheduling a new patient appointment by calling Dr. Bob @ 801.230.0166. We think you’ll feel soothingly welcomed in our well oxygenated, planted, shamanic-like incensed environment 🙂


A holistic understanding of one’s body, mind & spirit can begin to shift life-long patterns that seem to have been stuck. Dr. Bob’s  intuitiveness of gentle hands & heart can increase one’s awareness of body & mind to initiate new  perceptions in seeing & feeling. The energy of wholefood nutrition, herbs, detoxification or a purification program can  begin to change new life-style tendencies. Combined pulsating, photonic energy therapy can begin to subtly shift the  functioning of your 57 trillion cells. If you’re open to experiencing new dimensions in healing, click on the above tab Wellness Approach. See our new, you-tubed BioCharger & take advantage of our 3, BioCharger intro offer! Then do it for a few months, bring your friends in, share it together & let vibrational energy do it’s thing!   


Dr. Bob integrates a multi-disciplinary, psycho-therapeutic-friendly, process-work approach, which involves a dialoguing with the senses of your body, so that over time you may experience a different perception & relationship with your symptoms, which  oftentimes in your mind’s eye is a returning to a favorite place in nature.  Our unique style of holistic chiropractic, bodywork & energy-work can provide subtle-energy-shifts to draw, to invite your body, mind, spirit to more natural, expansive energy fields. For a new patient experience or to schedule a few sessions you may call Dr. Bob @ 801.230.0166 🙂  

What our patients are saying about us..

After my first appointment I was very impressed by his gentle nature and approach not only in the adjustment but in his demeanor to me as a patient. I appreciate his holistic approach to healing the body. He offers some great products/supplements that he uses and makes available to his patients. His suggestions for me have been very helpful.

Gwen New York City

I have been suffering with back pain from unknown causes for over 9 years. During that time, I have had many treatments and have visited many professionals. I have been going to Dr. Bob for almost a year now, and I have found his treatments to be the most effective in relieving my pain.

N. Stayner Salt Lake City

I have been suffering from spinal stenosis and I have muscle pains in my legs especially at night while sleeping. Dr. Seiler offers new technology which I consider to be the future of Chiropractic. and is one of the best if not the best chiropractor that I have ever seen. After two treatments I have been pain-free for two weeks.

Roy Podorson Wilmington, Delaware

Dr Bob Seiler - SLC Chiropractor

Dr. Bob, Holistic Chiropractic, Salt Lake City

These days you have many choices for your well-being. Dr. Bob’s unique, Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness’ healing environment is “not” your typical chiropractic “in & out” experience.

From his years of watching & playing golf, he has  developed his intimate  relationship with nature, from his chiropractic studies at Life West Chiropractic College in northern California, from his process-work psychology studies in Oregon, Ireland & London as taught by Drs. Arnie & Amy Mindell. Dr. Bob offers a multi-disciplinary, holistic, hands-on, chiropractic, intuitive, psycho-therapeutic-friendly, subtle energy medicine with a body-mind approach of vibrational energy healing. 

Your choice in dealing with your Stress to Wellness in the preventing of pain, illness, disease or taking you into your next decades of living can only be  lead by your willingness. Dr. Bob will lend a gentle, supportive heart, mind & spirit! 

Most auto & some medical insurances are accepted. Cash, HSA, credit cards, venmo & opting not to use your insurance is accepted. 

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