~ You or your Human Resource Department probably know how much your company pays for your employees medical insurance per month / per year,

~ Would you or your company company be interested in receiving a complimentary holistic chiropractic lifestyle presentation given by me, Dr. Bob Seiler, a licensed Utah holistic chiropractic physician which would lead to a “question & answer” period for your staff, colleagues, employees where they can ask relevant health questions which will be answered from a holistic, integrative, wellness perspective,

~ These days owners of companies are paying more & more to medical insurance companies for medical coverage but most of the time your staff, colleagues, employees receive less & less medical insurance benefits with the increasing frustrations in dealing with insurance companies,

~ Continuing to pay medical insurance companies for your staffs, colleagues, employees “pain care”, “crisis care”, “sickness & illness care” when as insurance companies say “there is no guaranteed medical coverage” don’t you think it’s time for you, your staff, your colleagues, employees to begin to learn how to optimally take care of themselves physically, chemically, emotionally so that you don’t have to go on paying for our continued crisis / pain / illness / disease-based system? There’s a lot more to health & wellness besides a gym-membership,

~ I am a licensed holistic chiropractic physician in the State of Utah and I will present to you, to your staff and to your company the state-of-the-art in healing to help reduce the pain, injury, illness, disease for the people who work with you and for you,

~ I can also create for you, your staff and your employees with my 25 + years experience in the healthcare field a holistic chiropractic wellness program where the individual become responsible for their own health & well-being and relying less upon medical insurance companies and your medical insurance expenditures,

~ You may visit my website at “holistic chiropractic & wellness salt lake city utah” to learn more about my philosophy in holistic healing,

~ You may call or leave me a message at 801.230.0166 (a confidential voice mail) or send me an email to drbob226@gmail.com to arrange for your initial complimentary holistic chiropractic lifestyle presentation,

It’s simple – you take care of getting the people together and I’ll do the presenting,

I look forward in hearing from you,

To Your Health & Well-Being,

Dr. Bob Seiler – a Utah licensed holistic chiropractic physician