Our office, Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness accepts most auto insurances. If you are involved in a motor car collision / crash do the following as soon as you can:

1. Call “your” auto insurance carrier, or the insurance company of the “driver of the car that you were in when the accident occurred”. You have $3,000 worth of medical insurance coverage through that insurance. The state of Utah has “no-fault” auto insurance which means that you and the passengers in your vehicle are covered no matter whose responsible for the car accident. Your insurance adjustor will ask you when, where and how the accident took place. You would tell your insurance company about your symptoms, like headaches, neck and back pain, radiating pain traveling down your arms into your hands, or leg pain traveling down your legs into your feet.   You can also be experiencing difficulty in sleeping, feeling more irritable and afraid to drive your car. You may have bruising on your chest from seat-belts, abrasions on your arms from deploying air-bags. You may also have bruises on your knees, ankles, feet when your body could have been thrusted into the interior compartments of your car.

2. Ask your insurance adjustor to give you a “claim number”. Ask for your adjustor’s name, best phone number and extension. Also ask where medical bills claims should be sent to their address, fax and email address.

3. Once you have a claim number and the above information you may Dr. Bob and schedule your new patient appointment – his number is 801-230-0166.

4. Dealing with the stresses and frustrations from insurance adjustors can be a harrowing experience. Dr. Bob with his 20 years experience, and expertise from Dr. Arthur Croft’s Advanced Certification Whiplash Acceleration / Deceleration seminars over the past three years can help guide you through the insurance-hassling- storm. Dr. Bob can also refer you to a reliable attorney if your case has need for legal assistance. A reliable attorney along with a experienced chiropractor can help you deal with pestering insurance companies.

*** Please Read: No matter who caused the crash you are allowed a minimum $3,000 worth of chiropractic care. If the other driver thinks that he / she was not the cause of the crash that’s what that person will tell his / her insurance company. The truth is the auto insurance business is a very profitable business and they get very nasty to protect their profits. If the driver of the other vehicle feels that you may have caused the crash you can expect phone calls from the other driver’s insurance company pretending to be concerned about your well-being. Their going to increase stress in any way they can by their pestering phone calls. I would not answer any of their questions or even talk to them until you contacted our office to schedule a new patient appointment, then Dr. Bob can guide you through this process.

5. Also please don’t base the degree of your injury on the amount of pain that you have, because oftentimes whether you’re the driver or passenger things happen so quickly in a car crash and your adrenaline levels get so high that you may not feel the full impact of your crash until after one-two-three weeks later.  You may have a significant decrease in range of motion and not feel too much pain. Some people have huge amounts of pain tolerance and may say that that they have no pain. Be assured that there that there probably is injury even at a 5mph crash. Most importantly seek chiropractic care as soon as you can even on the same day of the crash or the next day if you are physically able to go to do so. Taking muscle relaxers, pain meds or tylenol only mask your pain. These pain meds don’t correct your injury; they just bandaid your pain. Repeated injuries become cumulative injury. Get help as soon as you can. You can call Dr. Bob at 801-230-0166 to schedule your new patient appointment.

* Again the number is  801.230.0166 !